About our studio

About our studio


Our Awesome Story

Established 2007, Innovation design studio for architectural services has been rapidly growing, its involvement ranges from purely consultative to the complete delivery of high-end architectural design projects in the Egyptian market.

Now Innovation design studio is responsible for a large portfolio of diverse projects in various market sectors including private villas, residential, commercial, multi-complex buildings, master planning, as well as Interior Design.

Our designs are based on an information use of technology and materials, combining a commitment to the spirit of the new with a strong awareness of context, our approach is based on the establishment of a clear brief of the clients’ requirements from the earliest stages of project.



Our Co-founders

Alaa Abdel Hamid
With an exemplary 21 years of experience in architecture and interior design, Alaa Abdel Hameed is an imaginative founder with a strong affinity for high-tech modern structures – from public buildings to office complexes to residential dwellings. He is known for his attention to detail when it comes to cost, quality, and productivity. His creative approach and unique insights have been instrumental in the accurate construction document preparation outcomes he’s produced over the past decade.
Abdel Hameed is a master of both high-tech and modern architectural engineering, bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience to his founding firm, INNOVATION Design Studio. Alaa’s impressive resume is made even more remarkable engineering studies. When it comes to memorable projects in Egypt and the Middle East, Alaa’s portfolio speaks for itself!

Mahmoud Farouk
Mahmoud is a creative chief of design with an impressive record of accomplishment in the world of architecture and technical engineering. With his natural knack for innovation and resourcefulness, he has achieved great success as the co-founder of INNOVATION Design Studio, where his passion for creating unique solutions have been particularly valuable. His expertise in problem-solving and ability to think outside the box have enabled him to approach design from a new perspective which has made his work stand out amongst his fellow designers.
Mahmoud is a visionary architect with 16 years of experience in urban, architecture, and interior design. He holds a master’s degree from the faculty of engineering, at Cairo University, and has advanced his knowledge to pursue his pre-PHD at the same faculty. His mastery in strategic projects across Egypt and the Middle East has allowed him to support local and international developers in creating ground-breaking projects and realizing inspired visions. His mastery of excellence and regional market know-how was exemplified in multiple strategic projects in Egypt, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, he has pioneered the concept of well-being in built environments, blending social, physical, and mental wellness to enhance lives within both commercial and residential buildings.